Fans love Rodger all over the world and across the boundaries of musical categories. His spectrum is broad and he has a wide variety of performances on this CD that is well worth listening to. He is so in touch with humanity, it’s incredible what he has captured in this writing and performance. You can’t call Rodger Collins just a soul singer or just a pop singer, or just a country singer, or only a blues singer, a ballad singer or just a rock and roll singer—no he’s a people’s singer.

Now let’s go back a bit. In 1966, he wrote and recorded a smash hit titled She’s Looking Good. During the late 60s/early 70s, he appeared in Las Vegas at the Hilton International Hotel on the same bill with Elvis Presley, Ike and Tina Turner and Redd Foxx. That was the largest show in the world at the time. Soon after that engagement in Las Vegas he decided to retire from show business.

Shortly after making that decision Roger received a phone call from a friend in the famous group Credence Clearwater Revival. His name was Tom Fogerty. He pleaded, “Rodger, please don’t stop singing.” How could Roger resist . . . they had tears of joy and what followed was a once in a lifetime recording session. The session included Jerry Garcia, along with the Grateful Dead as well as long time friend, keyboardist Merl Saunders. They all came together to play for Rodger that historic night creating a sure to be classic titled Mystery Train. It is a great tribute to add the Mystery Train session to this CD. In retrospect, Rodger says, “Over the years I received much show business advice and influence from many entertainers, and tremendous help and encouragement also came from Ike and Tina Turner."

"Through My Eyes" is a CD Collins calls a triumph of love.
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