Rodger Collins

GALAXY: (Singles)

  • The World Can’t Do Me No Harm (1960)
    The Working Girl
  • Give the Kids a Chance (1963)
    The Biggest Fool
  • She’s Looking Good (1966)
    I’m Serving Time

  • Hands Off My Girl (1967)
    What Am I Living For
  • She’s A Good Woman (1967)
    Ain’t Going To Forget It
  • Foxy Girls in Oakland (1970)
    All Toe Down
  • I’m Leaving This Place (1970)
    Your Love, It’s Burning
  • Back In The Country (1972)
    Caught In Your Love

    Direct Me (1970)
    Get Away From Me

FANTASY: (Singles)

  • Sexy Sugar Plum (1973)
    I’ll Be Here (When The Morning Comes)

POMPEII: (Single)

  • Soulful Train (1969)
    Promise Land


  • Welfare I’m Leaving You (1987)
    (Instrumental) Welfare I’m Leaving You

    GARDEN TREE MEDIA: Rodger Collins: Through My Eyes (2008)
  • In My Wildest Dream
  • Thank U Baby
  • The Drivin 2 Step (featuring, Mystery Train)
  • Nailed To The Floor
  • Stop That Lady
  • Just One More Time (Family Situation)
  • Plaything
  • She’s Looking Good (Fresh) (Update)
  • Making Up (Lost Time)
  • Locked Up
  • Locked Up (edited version)
  • Hanging In There
  • Take Care of Business


  • BLACK GIRL (1972)
    Get Me To The Bridge (performed by Rodger Collins)
    I Am Your Mailman

  • TUFF TURF (1990)
    She’s Looking Good (performed by Jack Mack and the Heart Attack Band)


  • The Boom Boom Song (1992)
    WRITER: Rodger Collins
    PRODUCER: Rodger Collins/H. Sabrie
    ARTIST: Sugar Pie DeSanto
  • Fix It Man (1993)
    Writer Rodger Collins/H. Sabrie
    Artist: Buddy Ace
  • The Danger Isn’t Over (1994)
    Writer Rodger Collins/H. Sabrie
    Artist: Charles Brown

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