Recording Artist Rodger Collins Lets the Cat Out the Bag

As outspoken recording star Rodger Collins prepares to release the tune "Cat's Out The Bag," he is pointing a finger at public education officials, corporate big wigs and corrupt government officials

Northern Calif. (PRWEB) December 7, 2009

Fans of Oldies radio enjoy Rodger Collins blasts from the past like She's Lookin' Good, Foxy Girls in Oakland and Sexy Sugar Plum.

Today, the socially-conscious singer is letting people involved in corruption know that the gig is up, with the soon-to-be-released tune Cat's Out The Bag.

First out of the bag is corruption in public education.

"I totally support students' efforts to save public education," says Collins, who promised, "When Californians find out cuts in student enrollment are made while senior executives, chancellors, and presidents of the Cal State and UC systems are getting raises…I'm letting the cat out the bag!"

Collins said he is lending his star power to the students' cause in an effort to "get the academic programs that have been cut reinstated," adding, "I want to help make quality college and university enrollment accessible to all the students of California.

" Mention transparency to the deep-thinking artist and Collins quickly offers an opinion.

"I believe we have to make the governance of the university, as well as, the actions of the Regents more transparent and accountable to the citizens of California," said the recording legend, gladly trading the privacy he has guarded so carefully in years past to "stand up for what's right."

According to Collins, U.C. President Mark Yudof receives "free" housing at a cost of $11,000 per month, paid for by the University of California.

"I'm letting the cat out the bag on this kind of thing, because it's ridiculous in light of the fact that you've got some of the lowest paid workers of the (UC) system qualifying for food stamps and subsidized housing."

Next out of the bag, corporate crooks.

"I'm pulling the bag wide open on executive compensation in the corporate and financial industries," explained Collins, breaking it down. "I'm talking Wall Street execs, auto and airline execs, investment bankers, financial advisers and insurance execs. Mark my words, 'The cat is coming out!'"

The pure energy, if not utter disdain with which Collins sings Cat's Out The Bag is also meant for corrupt government officials who, Collins argues, "Are currying favors from lobbyists and special interests."

When politicians hear Cat's Out The Bag, Collins would like them to think about the changes which must be made to state laws, so that, as Collins puts it, "A simple majority is all that is needed for the adoption of the state budget."

Collins also believes the message in Cat's Out The Bag will help keep state elected officials (legislators) accountable to the citizens of California. Legislators, the music icon asserts, must provide the necessary financial support in the state budget allocations to K-12, community college, CAL State and UC systems to ensure excellence in California public education.

If not, Rodger Collins is letting the cat out the bag.

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Entertainer Rodger Collins labels Hank Williams Jr. statement nonsense THURSDAY, 13 OCTOBER 2011

When Hank Williams Jr. compared the president of the United States to Hitler, Williams lost the admiration of Rodger Collins, the history-making celebrity behind the worldwide movement that lyrically encourages "good people everywhere" to stand WITH President Barack Obama. A while back, a widely circulated news article reported that Collins took his hat off to both Hank Williams Sr. and Jr.

In a statement released today, Collins withdrew his comments about Hank Jr., but said he continues to appreciate what Hank Sr. accomplished as an artist and performer. The entertainer also called on the public to erase from their memories all pro-Williams-Jr. comments Collins made in the past. When asked his opinion about the Williams-Jr. controversy Collins commented, "Not only was Williams' statement about President Obama offensive, the reasoning he gave for making the comparison was absolute nonsense."

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Rodger Collins: Turn Off The Magic Negro, Stand Up With Obama

Standing proud with Barack Obama, singer Rodger Collins' song "I'm Standing Up With Barack Obama"dispels the insulting message behind "TheMagic Negro,"while applauding Obama's worldwide, multi- ethnic appeal

The whole premise of The Magic Negro contradicts the wise admonition Dr. King put forward when he directed us to judge the individual by the content of the person's character not the color of their skin. Thus far Barack Obama has shown me that he is a leader of good character and a leader we should support.

Oakland, CA, and the Bay Area, CA ( PRWEB ) January 10, 2009 - - Former Tennessee state republican chairman Chip Saltzman's now- infamous gifts that hurled "The Magic Negro" back into the consciousness of Americans, some say, was another desperate attempt by the RNC to detract from the resurgence of hope and confidence in President- Elect Barack Obama.

When singer Rodger Collins of "She's Looking Good" fame pulled over on a busy Northern California highway and began to pen the song "Standing Up," little did the acclaimed performer know that the tune would evolve into the anthem "I'm Standing Up With Barack Obama, " which is rallying America towards the great change inspired by Obama's leadership- - minus the magic.

"Standing Up With Barack Obama is the sound of America- - Rock infused with R&B," said Kenny M, who coproduced Collins' "Through My Eyes" CD.

BJ White, spokesperson for Garden Tree Media, which released the topical song, says, "The whole premise of The Magic Negro contradicts the wise admonition Dr. King put forward when he directed us to judge the individual by the content of the person's character not the color of their skin. Thus far Barack Obama has shown me that he is a leader of good character and a leader we should support."

Collins has a direct message for the RNC.

"You're calling (Barack Obama) 'magic negro,' you're saying he's not real. Sorry…he's the real deal…Barack Obama is a human being with substance," Collins said, pointing out that people should do more than just listen to his song.

"How do I stand up with Barack Obama? Improve myself, not just physically or materially, but develop universal, spiritual perception. Be a good American citizen and a contributor to world peace…And I'm standing up WITH Barack Obama!"

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Rodger Collins Talks About New Album 'Through My Eyes' And More With Entertainment

Reporter Roy Gray

- As singer Rodger Collins gets set to introduce a new musical genre with the September 2, 2008 release of the album "Through My Eyes," the hit-maker took time to talk about other great artists like Buck Owens, Jerry Garcia and more. When the man with the big smile walked with a sense-of-purpose into the Costa Mesa, California restaurant for a press interview, customers and waitresses seemed pleased to see him.

It's no wonder. Collins lit up radio station request lines back in the day with oldies-but-goodies like the hits "She's Lookin' Good," "Foxy Girls In Oakland," and "**** Sugar Plum."

On September 2, Collins will likely create request-line magic once again.

Meanwhile, Collins took his hat off to a few other artists, who have also had a major impact on the recording industry. People like Bosefus.

Collins has country music fans slow-dancing again with the new album, which is bound to attract fans of just about every musical genre.

"The song is called 'Plaything' and it's a belt-buckle shiner (country slow-dancing while rubbing belt buckles)!" beamed Collins. "...But the thing that makes me love Hank is, with all the skill that he has, he never tried to copy his (equally talented) dad," added Collins.

Collins burst into song briefly as he remembered Buck Owens. "He was a good song writer and a good performer and a very nice man. My bass player, Doyle Cursinger, used to play bass for Buck," Collins explained. "I remember one night when I was looking for Doyle at the Bakersfield Auditorium. And Buck went all over the Bakersfield Auditorium with me, looking for Doyle!"

The love Collins has for his own country-music roots, as well as, the entire Rodger Collins "new genre" concept, is evident as Collins describes a particularly catchy tune from the album called "The Drivin' Two Step: Featuring Mystery Train."

"This track is very sentimental to me," Collins went on, revealing, "Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead and Tom Fogerty from the great Creedence Clearwater Revival band... they were big fans of mine... and, before Jerry passed away, they did the recording session - and they appear as sidemen on the new album."

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On the heels of Holly...The John Mayer controversy has lulled privacy-loving legend Rodger Collins back into the news.

Rodger Collins Forgives and Spanks John Mayer

February 15, 11:18 PM Roy Gray

Robinson Peete's rejection of John Mayer's apology, Legendary Recording Artist Rodger Collins discussed the Mayer controversy with Roy Gray

Amid signs that the John Mayer controversy has turned into the proverbial 3-ring circus, Hollywood might picture the gorgeous Holly Robinson Peete in ring number 2 boisterously rejecting Mayer's apology, as legendary recording artist Rodger Collins enters ring number 3 with timeless Collins hits like "She's Looking Good" and "Foxy Girls in Oakland" blaring over the loudspeakers above the sound of deafening crowd cheers.

A microphone appears to drop from the ceiling into the hands of Collins who does one of his famous spin moves and declares, "In the harsh John Mayer statement, where he articulated his white supremacy in his sexual area and also stating that he doesn't date black women, it might have been said in an immature fashion, merely trying to sound heavy. If this was a mistake on John Mayer's part and he didn't really feel like that in his heart, then I think the public should forgive him. Everyone makes mistakes."

Only Collins is not speaking under some circus big top. The legend is speaking from his recording studio in Northern, California.

And, figuratively speaking, Mayer is about to get spanked; for real.

"I have no quarrels against who John Mayer dates. It is difficult, however, to overlook (Mayer) saying he doesn't date Black women," explained Collins, removing his headphones and sunglasses, looking concerned.

Collins wants "to make it clear that I am not a racist and this guy John Mayer may not be either, but he certainly steals (African Americans') songs."

True to form, Collins let yet another cat out the bag, backed as usual by the kind of in-depth fact checking that would be the envy of the best investigative reporters, revealing, "One of (Mayer's) greatest hits called 'Waiting for The World To Change'is a direct copy from the great African American songwriter Curtis Mayfield's 'We're A Winner.' Please compare the two and see for yourself."

With his headphones and sunglasses back on, Collins smiled, "When and if John Mayer matures into a more balanced human being, then maybe he can tip back into the hood and steal some mo'…."

As for now, "The only 'hood pass' (Mayer) has is a 'KKK hood pass,'" agreed BJ White, spokesperson for Garden Tree Media, which releases new Rodger Collins music.

Collins had this to say, in response to a reporter's question:

"The next logical step for Mayer is to become universal. When the human being can stay universal then he can relate to all human beings. He can relate to different cultures without being a narrow minded racist. Because if you ask any surgical doctor when he gets beneath the skin, 'Can you tell what race you're operating on?' he will always tell you he cannot."

Collins hopes Mayer recovers.

"I wish you much success in your recovery," said Collins with White nodding in agreement as Collins delivered a final statement through the press directly to Mayer.

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