There are speakers and there are speakers. Rodger Collins is special. One entrepreneur said recently, “Rodger Collins is not like any other speaker that I have seen.” His approach is different. When he speaks he has a way of getting an audience to see things in a new way. As though they’ve been looking right at something all their lives, but never really realizing it was even there.

Rodger Collins got his start in the show business world and he has a way of captivating and engaging an audience as he helps them to see his perspective on the importance of “common sense.” When Rodger speaks, he’s simple, but at the same time he is deeper than a Kentucky coal mine.

After listening to Rodger Collins speak audiences find themselves walking on cloud 9 saying to themselves, “Wow, why hadn’t I thought of that in all of this time.”


⎯ Spilling The Beans: A Book For The World, “Education,” page 51.

“If someone teaches a person how to drive a car, they don’t necessarily have to teach that person where to go in the car. If one is taught how to learn it is easier to see what to learn.”


Topic: Curiosity Cultivates Creativity

Rodger Collins is known for his diverse interests, talents and charismatic skills as a storyteller. His journey has encompassed the world of entertainment as an acclaimed performer, singer, songwriter (#1 pop and soul hit—She’s Looking Good), producer, film maker, and publisher. Rodger credits his curiosity as the bedrock of his creativity. He is an avid observer, student and researcher of the natural world around him since his early childhood in rural Texas. That natural curiosity stayed with him as he relocated to the San Francisco bay area where he continued to expand his knowledge in a variety of areas. He attended the Actors Lab under the direction of the great Mara Alexander Gilbert and later worked as a life guard and water safety instructor with the great Cliff Kamaka, Eddie Eukini and Charley Salva. As a versatile budding entertainer he was always and still is curious and unique.

“When we allow someone else to totally think for us,” is the point at which Rodger believes we lose our own creativity. He staunchly believes we can reclaim our curiosity and innate creativity developing skills in four primary areas that he demonstrates through the stories he shares in his “Curiosity Cultivates Creativity” presentation that ignites the imagination of the participants.


Topic: “Back to common sense”

One successful entrepreneur has described a session with Rodger Collins in these terms, “Rodger Collins will put your mind to work!” Yes, Rodger can get us to see what is right under our nose therefore causing us to think deeper. “Why didn’t I see that; why didn’t I think of that, it was right under my nose!” One reason we may miss the obvious Rodger believes is the need for the return to common sense in these uncommon times. His natural charisma as a storyteller captures your attention and leads on an exploration of discovery and appreciation for all of our senses. Some of those stories he may have shared in his book Spilling The Beans: A Book For The World or in the forthcoming collection of encounters he has experienced in his life’s journey.

Rodger doesn’t disappoint. Bring your emotional and intellectual senses to this back to common sense session and leave with unexpected insights about yourself and the world around you. In the presentation language and our use of language should take on a whole new meaning. Participants can experience outcomes that may enhance one’s business, professional and personal life.


Topic: “Young People Go For It”

Every day that Rodger Collins is out in the public he loves to talk to but more importantly listen to young people. He has no qualms about engaging one or a group of young people to find out where their thoughts are and what direction and goals they are pursuing. This topic: “Young People Go For It” originates from the motivational essay dedicated to youth in his book, Spilling The Beans: A Book For The World. As a result of his daily foray into the minds of the leaders of the future he has many insightful observations he shares in the stories recounting these encounters. His skills as an entertainer and storyteller enables Rodger to engage in these meaningful conversations that perhaps parents, educators, counselors and even their peers may never have had. Why? Because his primary objective is to first hear what they have to say.

Google “Rodger Collins Rare Video” on YouTube and see him doing his work in one of his famous self-styled short sleeve suits (this one is green). It is all for the purpose of relating. Rodger shares with the participants of this presentation straight forward and simple techniques that can be used to gain the attention but more importantly the trust of the young people to open up and share their thoughts, ideas and vulnerabilities. With the soaring rates of instances of bullying and suicide among teens and young people we must help them in their efforts to conquer the challenges before them today and soar to great heights. Rodger Collins believes in young people and their great possibilities, he says, “they inspire me.” Listen to what Rodger Collins the storyteller has to share in his quest to motivate our youth.