In my pre-recording days my stage act included pantomime and dance routines. Back in those days I also did impressions of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presley and many, many others. Although, the signature Rodger Collins was always there. I also did stand-up comedy and comedy skits with my guitar.

From the beginning I mixed country music songs into my repertoire. There was a popular country music club, the Sequoia Club, in Pittsburgh, California, owned by Jimmy Owens. One night I walked into the place and told Jimmy he should book me to play there. He said, “that would never work this is a country club. These people will boo you off the stage.” I told him, “ask the band to call me to the stage.” As soon as I opened my mouth and started singing the people jumped to their feet and started clapping; giving me a standing ovation. It was on! The crowd loved me and I loved them. Country greats such as Glen Campbell, George Jones, and Buck Owens regularly performed at the Sequoia Club. While I was performing at the club Jimmy Owens told me that I, Rodger Collins, drew even larger crowds than those great country artists. Country music wasn’t strange to me, because I grew up with country music in Santa Anna Texas before coming to San Francisco as a teenager.