Today’s times are unique times. High and low, people are desperate. Break ins are way up. That’s why I wrote Locked Up (Prisoner in my own home). If you think people are not desperate or if you think that it’s funny; just go to any supermarket and check out any shopper’s face. No matter who it is, it’s not funny. It seems that each shopper’s face is saying, “It’s cheaper to eat money.”

I have security bars on all my windows and doors and expensive security cameras. Still, I’m nervous every time I leave home because when I return all of my belongings may be gone. So, I try to stay in. Burglars nowadays are plenty and they will find a way into our homes. They might break in through the windows. They might break in through the back doors. They might break in through the roof and even through the TV screen. It hit me where I live when I found out our brain is also called home. I can be on the couch trying to relax, unaware that my brain is being hacked. I’m scared to leave my door ajar to pick up my mail. He might take my remote and steal my car. I’m a prisoner in my own home. I’ve done nobody wrong.

I just pray that they don’t get their hands on my mobile phone. Because then they may hack my bank account right from my telephone. I feel like I’m doing time, staying on my toes, looking out through the bars, guarding my belongings.

I believe that it may get better. But right now, there’s a lot going on and I don’t want anyone breaking into my home. I’m Locked Up (Prisoner in my own home).